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How to correctly select the specifications of the needles

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The dispensing needle is one of the accessories for dispensing in dispensing machine. The needle can also be called the dispensing syringe. The metal needle is used at the top. The size of the general dispensing needles is relatively small, and there are many kinds of needles. The applicable industry scope is also wide. So how to choose the specifications of the needles in different industries?
Use the glue of different industries is different, some glue viscosity is relatively high, if the needle is not suitable, the dispensing process is easy to reach the effect of dispensing product dispensing, influence the quality of the products; on the contrary, some glue viscosity is low, the needle doesn't fit easily in the dispensing process glue, glue and other phenomena, affect the dispensing work; so the needles need to be selected according to the viscosity of the glue, to ensure the effect of dispensing.
In addition to the viscosity of the glue, it is necessary to consider the properties of the glue used, such as the instant dry glue. The solidification speed, suitable for small area dispensing needles, try to choose a shorter length; uv. Also called shadowless adhesive, exposure to ultraviolet light can be rapidly solidified, generally using UV glue dispensing syringe special for dispensing work, dispensing needles so the need to match the dispensing needle; ab. Unlike other glue, AB glue is through two kinds of glue can contact solidification glue to glue dispensing machine suitable for use AB etc..
There are many different specifications of dispensing needles in the market. The dispensing quantity of different dispensing needles is also different. Therefore, it is necessary to choose according to the dispensing requirements of products, so as to ensure the quality of dispensing machine. When selecting the glue needle, the above three points can be selected to ensure the dispensing effect of the glue dispenser.
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