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How to reduce the plugging of needles in the dispensing oper

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When a glue dispenser is used to spot glue, it may cause a blockage in the needle for some reasons, affecting the dispensing work of the glue dispenser. The reasons for blocking the needles are as follows: the glue needles are not suitable for glue, the viscosity of the glue is high, and the quality of the glue used is not good. So what is the way to reduce the plugging of the needles?
Before the glue dispenser is used, it is best to check the sealing and glue quality of the glue dispenser. If the air tightness of the dispenser is not good, it will not only accelerate the solidification speed of the glue, but also easily jam the dispensing needles in the dispensing process, which will affect the dispensing machine's work. Some glue also contains impurities. Impurities will block the needles when dispensing. If glue is not changed promptly, the glue will solidify slowly, which will also cause some influence on dispensing machine.
On the market have different specifications of needles, such as: PP, TT flexible dispensing needle type dispensing machine, stainless steel needle dispenser, the dispensing needle size are different, the different volume of the plastic needle may differ in the choice of dispensing machine requires dispensing machine according to the product dispensing. It can avoid the blocking phenomenon of the glue needle in the process of glue spot, and affect the work of the glue dispenser.
If the point glue needle of the dispenser is blocked, the temperature can be raised and the glue in the needle is melted. It can also stop the glue machine to work, change the glue valve or point glue needle and so on, convenient for the glue dispenser. After finishing the dispensing machine or changing the glue, it will influence the cleaning of the pipes, needles and syringes of the dispensing machine, so as to avoid the contact between the remaining glue and the replacement of glue, and the chemical reaction or solidification will happen, which will affect the dispensing machine's work and so on.
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