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What is the effect of the too big adjustment on the back pre

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The adhesive pressure of the glue dispenser and the flow rate of glue should be used when the glue dispenser is used, which is convenient for the glue dispenser. What will happen if the back pressure of the dispenser is tested too much when the glue is used?
The glue backpressure pressure of the debug machine can control the amount of glue out of glue. If the viscosity of the glue is too high, you can choose a longer glue needle, or increase the back pressure of the glue dispenser and the flow rate of the glue. If viscosity is reduced, but the pressure of glue back pressure is too large, it is easy to leak glue and break glue. It will easily affect the production quality of products, and will also cause some effects on dispensing.
Besides glue dispensing, back pressure and pressure adjustment, the effect of dispensing is too great. If the distance between the product and the needle is too large or too close, it will not only damage the appearance of the product, but also affect the quality of the product. It will also damage the dispensing needles and affect the accuracy of dispensing. There are many industries for dispensing needles. For example, electronic parts, cell phone buttons, LED, semiconductor manufacturing and other products that need dispensing can be applied to dispensing needles.
And every industry has different requirements for dispensing, so there are many kinds of dispensing needles. The most common ones are double thread dispensing needles, stainless steel dispensing needles, PP flexible dispensing needles, etc. These three kinds of material dispensing needle, which adopts stainless steel needles and thread the needle is part of the two stores of metal material production, long service life, has wide application range; and PP flexible dispensing needle and double thread needles is made of non-metallic material, a certain degree of use, not easy scratch products, to ensure product quality.
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