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What needles are not hurt when you spot the glue

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The dispensing needle injury problems, in the production process has been such a problem, do not hurt, the need to coordinate between dispensing and good product, otherwise it will hurt the problem, dispensing needles selection is the same, according to the need of reasonable calculation to obtain the most appropriate dispensing distance. So as not to damage the product, the use of such methods for dispensing if there is a good effect.
In addition to the use of such a method, or the use of PP dispensing needles, needles is not to hurt a dispensing needle, dispensing needles because PP is the use of polypropylene as the main materials, so touch products, product operation also won't scratch, can rest assured that the use of the dispensing needle head, which is still as long as you need to close the dispensing PP equipment, dispensing needles can also use a lot of glue, it is still a relatively high price.
The application effect of dispensing dispensing needles are not the same, according to the effect of selecting appropriate dispensing needle, the effect of dispensing is has a good effect, PP also has a dispensing needle dispensing their advantage, can prevent products from damage, can also meet the glue dispensing needle point effect, so true the appropriate choice of enterprise.
No matter what the needles are in order to meet the requirements so that there is a dispensing, PP dispensing needles, needles used no longer use stainless steel as the needle, but the use of plastic is made of very low impact plastic, it can be very good to avoid hitting a problem. Now, there are various kinds of dispensing needles in the market. When it is difficult to choose dispensing needles and choose dispensing needles, we can choose suitable dispensing needles according to these dispensing requirements.
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