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How to prevent the scraping of the workpiece during the disp

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To prevent the dispensing process scratched the workpiece can use PP needles, because the needles used special materials and technology, so the use of PP needles will not cause scratches on the product, choose this dispensing needle for dispensing or have very good effect, according to the market information feedback that the dispensing needle scraping the injury rate of around zero point one percent, to the best of the needles don't shave.
There are a variety of industries need dispensing market, each industry has the weight requirements for dispensing machines, such as some industries of high precision, speed and some of the requirements are relatively high, there are more important for the appearance of the product and so on, are more or less have more requirements, otherwise it will not have the dispenser how much is produced, also do not need to spend a lot of manpower and resources to develop high-end PP dispenser and dispensing dispensing needle.
The dispensing needle must have a lot of people know, the market also has a variety of dispensing needles, such as stainless steel needles, disposable needles, multi needles and so on, these needles is the production is to satisfy certain requirements of the industry, such as: stainless steel needles in order to meet the requirements of high precision dispensing PP is the glue dispensing needle to prevent scratching the workpiece, each produced a dispensing needle is to meet some needs of the industry.
Dispensing needle selection needs through calculation and experimental science, calculate the effect of various dispensing, otherwise unable to complete the effect of dispensing the enterprise needs, thus losing production dispensing needle effect, the use of needles need to be selected according to strict requirements, can effectively enhance the effect of dispensing.
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