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What is the difference between the PP dot glue needles of di

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With the rapid increase of dispensing equipment types, it can use the dispensing accessories are constantly increasing. Take the needles for it! Is a small volume dispensing needle used in dispensing equipment in the accessories, although smaller, but the parts play in the daily dispensing process is the role of can not be replaced, because no matter how advanced dispensing equipment must be used to dispense needles to assist to complete a good dispensing operation.
As an important parts of dispensing needle fluid dispensing device, the dispensing process of glue to glue or ink liquid is transported to the designated location and precision control of cement volume. With the rapid increase of industrial production technology, dispensing needles are due to some special needs of industrial production changes, for example: stainless steel needles can be used in hot melt adhesive dispensing machine, high precision dispensing needle can be used in LED optical communication, micro dispensing industry and so on.
Pp dispensing needles as one of many kinds of needles, needles compared to other things, the main needle can effectively avoid needle scratch to the product, and can solve the problem of smooth out the glue dispensing process, is a very practical dispensing needle.
At present, PP needles specification is not a big difference, the main difference is that the length of the needle, the needle length represents the PP needles specifications are greater. The recommended manufacturers of this PP needles are: major domestic made automated dispensing equipment Co. Ltd. is capable of producing the dispensing needle professional manufacturers.
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