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Are there any categories of all automatic non contact glue d

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Dispensing accessories as dispensing needle dispensing equipment must be used, are often used to dispensing operation, but with the increasing demand of industrial production, dispensing equipment types are constantly changing, therefore also led to the rapid increase in the use of needles in the industry, so in daily production, dispensing needles dispensing equipment can choose the classification? Automatic non-contact dispensing needle has 7 kinds of classification:
1. Teflon dispensing needle
Teflon needles also called quick drying glue dispensing needle, a needle point is common dispensing glue. The details can be referred to as follows:
Classification of needles for non contact glue dispenser
2. stainless steel needles
Stainless steel dot glue needle is widely used, because of its high quality, so its life is also the longest. Therefore, it is very popular with users.
3.PP flexible dot glue needle
PP flexible dot glue needle can be used to prevent and cure the needle scraping panel, and the glue is not smooth and so on. It is a highly applicable spot glue needle.
4.TT slant glue needle
TT slant glue needles are all plastic needles, not high on flow requirements, can be selected. The biggest feature is that it is not easy to infarct and can be reused.
5. stud glue needles
Similar to the bayonet dispensing needle, there is a circle of thread on the base of the screw mouth dispensing needle, and the combination with the needle barrel is more and more rigid, so the application range of the screw point dispensing needle is also very wide.
6. pin point glue needle
The pin is the most commonly used glue needle, and its price is cheaper, because the two small ears on the base can be stuck in the syringe, so they are named.
As the technology of industrial production is more and more exquisite, the type of needles that need to be used is increasing.
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