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Solution for plugging the head of a pin barrel

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The dispensing syringe can also be called the storage tank, the dispensing needle is mounted on the dispensing needle cylinder, the power supply of the dispensing machine is opened, and the dispensing parameters can be automatically carried out, and the speed of the dispenser shop is faster. However, when dispensing with dispensing machine, there will be some speed reasons for the dispensing syringe due to some reasons. So what is the way to solve it when there is a dispensing cartridge plug?
Before the solution dispensing syringe clogging phenomenon, we first look at the dispensing syringe clogging causes the dispensing machine itself: if the seal is not good, easy to accelerate the solidification speed of glue, in the dispensing process will not only make the dispensing needle clogging, affect the production quality of the will; the use of glue quality is not good. If the glue contains residue, it is easy to block the dispensing syringe, which will also cause some effects on the dispensing. The dispensing needle is not suitable for dispensing syringe, and it also causes blockage in dispensing syringe during dispensing.
The above three are the most likely to cause blockage in dispensing syringes. So before using glue dispensers to do dispensing, we need to check the quality of the glue used, the tightness of the dispensing machine and so on, so as to avoid clogging. Type of dispensing syringe more, one of the most common are: EFD, AB dispensing syringe dispensing syringe, needle syringe dispensing component, applicable to the different types of glue, so in the choice of dispensing needle when you need to use glue and glue for selection, convenient dispensing.
When blocking occurs, it is better to stop the dispensing machine, and use the needle heater to heat the dispensing needle, so as to melt the glue in the syringe and facilitate the dispensing.
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