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Cleaning method of syringe needle

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When replacing glue, it is necessary to clean the dispensing machine pipe, dispensing syringe and so on, which can avoid changing the glue and residual glue to react with the chemical reaction and accelerate the solidification speed. The dispensing syringe can also be called the syringe. There are many kinds of syringes. For some larger size dispensing syringes, it is easier to clean up. But for some small dispensing syringes, how shall we do the cleaning work?
Before cleaning, the remaining glue in the syringe will be finished. If the glue in the syringe is clotting, it can be melted with the syringe heater to make the glue in the dispensing syringe easy to clean. When cleaning the syringe, the detergent can be used as detergent with alcohol, dimethylbenzene and xylene. After washing the syringe with detergent, rinse the residual detergent after cleaning with water for several times, then use the dust-free cloth to wipe the syringe syringe and clean it, then you can change the glue.
The above is the way to clean the syringe syringe. In addition to understanding the way of dispensing, we need to understand its usage and avoid clogging in dispensing. A needle tube heater can be used to melt the solidified glue when there is a blockage. The glue can be stopped and the glue pin can be replaced to avoid the glue quality and the glue quality.
Some users like to choose according to regional selection, such as: Dongguan glue needle tube, Shenzhen syringe syringe and so on. Type of dispensing syringe is more, the most common are single dispensing needles, AB dispensing needles, EFD dispensing needle, glue dispensing needle of different types are different. Therefore, when the glue is selected, the glue should be selected according to the glue and the demand of the glue.
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