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How should the glue needle of the dispenser be used

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When the glue product needs to be glued, the glue dispenser, which has a high degree of automation, is used. But the dispensing machine still needs the dispensing needle to finish the dispensing. How do we use the dispensing needle to make the application of dispensing needles play one hundred percent of its ability?
Single pipe needling needle
First we have to check how the glue is used by the glue dispenser. If you want to use special glue, sometimes it is necessary to use a special material of glue needle to finish the dispensing operation. For example: when we use UV glue, the glue has strong viscosity, so the Teflon dispensing needle with low sensitivity to the needs of the glue dispensing operation.
Multi pipe needling needle
Secondly, we should know the precision of the glue product produced by the glue dispenser. High precision needles should be used with high precision, and vice versa. In the end, we need to know what special dispensing requirements for the glue products produced by the product manufacturers. If there is no choice or use the minimum aperture for dispensing needle dispensing, dispensing it because the needle precision is the best, but it also has shortcomings, is too small to pinhole occur head clogging, the quantity of cement will be less than the large diameter needles, dispensing speed.
Of course, when we choose the dispensing needle, the choice of dispensing mode is also very important. When we glue dispensing, the dispensing needles must contact the glue point to finish the precise dispensing, so that the glue will not be misplaced. But now there is a product can be carried out without directly contacting the dispensing dispensing dispensing mode is non-contact dispensing, the dispensing mode on the basis of the original installation of the injection technology, the dispensing speed and the dispensing efficiency has been greatly improved, but also to avoid the direct contact of the rubber head dispensing products appear clogging phenomenon the.
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