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Common problems in daily production of point glue pin

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The glue pin is a kind of glue fittings, and the glue needle can be used to make the glue work. The glue pin can also be called the storage device. In the process of glue, it can play the role of glue to store glue. Types and specifications of the needle cylinder is more, the most common are: AB, EFD glue dispensing syringe needle, some users love regional purchase, such as Dongguan, Shenzhen: dispensing syringe dispensing syringe, needle in the purchase when you need to use the glue dispensing and choose. And each kind of product will have some common problems in the process of use, so what are the common problems of the syringes? Is there any way to solve it?
1. The phenomenon of blockage appears
The dispensing needle clogging causes are: the use of glue contains impurities, easy to plug the dispensing syringe in the dispensing; dispensing machine itself is not good air tightness, accelerate the solidification speed of glue, easy to jam, also will have some impact on the dispensing work.
If the glue quality is not good, it is better to stop the dispensing machine, clean the syringe and pipe, and change the glue. The glue will solidify in the syringe and use the needle heater to melt the glue in the syringe. Easy to glue.
2. Unevenly distributed glue
The bubbles appear in the dispensing process, not only will not affect the dispensing uniform dispensing effect, will cause some impact on the production quality of products; for dispensing glue dispensing machine, the back pressure adjustment is too large, easily lead to excessive glue overflow effect dispensing syringe dispensing effect.
When bubbles appear, the function of pumping true back can be used to extract bubbles. When adjusting the back pressure of dispensing machine, we need to adjust according to the dispensing requirements and the use of glue so as to avoid the uneven effect of glue and the effect of dispensing.
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