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What is the difference between the EFD pin barrel and the ma

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For the convenience of use, there are many kinds of syringes, for example, EFD syringes, manual dispensing pins, and so on. The two kinds of glue syringes have different requirements for the glue, so what are the differences between the EFD and the manual syringes? We can go through some analysis.
1. Making different materials
The EFD pin barrel has more requirements for the production environment, and the general dispensing barrel is produced in the non silicification environment. And the pedestal of the pin barrel will not appear hair edge, hair mouth and other phenomena, can avoid the hair or hair edge glue needle cylinder to influence the spot glue work. The EFD dispensing syringe can be used in electronic parts, cell phone buttons, LED, semiconductor fabrication and other products. The manual dispensing syringe is made in a dust-free working environment, and is suitable for use in manual dispensing process, and it will also be used in the pharmaceutical industry.
Two. Different methods of operation
EFD dispensing needle can be mounted in the dispensing device for dispensing, dispensing dispensing parameters will be in alignment can be a good alignment for dispensing, dispensing speed, and high precision; we can see from the name, the manual dispensing syringe is required personnel operated by hand, for some complex patterns manual dispensing needle cylinder is difficult to achieve, easy to waste glue in the production process.
Three. The range of use is different
Manual glue needles need manual operation and a certain range of use. The EFD pin barrel is a machine working with a wide range of applications. No matter what kind of dispensing syringe, when changing glue or after use, it is better to use special detergent to clean the syringe, avoid changing chemical reaction between glue and residual glue, accelerate solidification speed and block needle.
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