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Is the price of EFD syringe needle expensive

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Along with the application scope of dispensing equipment continue to expand, also leads to the rapid development of the use of dispensing accessories to a certain extent, in recent years, dispensing syringe dispensing equipment according to the types are on the increase of the category increased, the various types of dispensing syringe dispensing needle on the market variety, such as: EFD glue the needle tube, stainless steel tube, steel needle dispensing dispensing needles, plastic dispensing needle cylinder, UV glue dispensing needle and other types.
So the EFD syringe needle is one of the various kinds of syringes, is the price of the pin barrel expensive? If we want to know the market price of a product, we must know the material, performance, specifications, advantages and brand of this product, because the price of any product is affected by these factors.
This EFD dispensing syringe belongs to one component dispensing needle series, the accessory material is used in the original plastic, to a certain extent, reduce pollution, adopt embedded, edge is not loose, no inclination, no air bubbles, the inner wall of the piston to ensure close collocation, the amount of glue uniform, no leakage the thickness of reinforced PP material is inert, no broken wall, and no pollution. Each glue dispensing syringe different for different materials to ensure the glue scraping clean, minimize waste.
The EFD dispensing syringe are transparent, black brown, three different colors, each color has its different types and specifications, such as: 50cc, 30cc, 10cc, 5cc and other specifications, of course, different colors and different specifications of the dispensing syringe price will also have certain difference.
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