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How to choose the syringe needle for the dispensing equipmen

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Dispensing syringe is a kind of dispensing accessories. In the process of dispensing, syringe can play the role of glue storage for dispensing, and glue dispensing needles can be used for dispensing. There are a lot of dispensing syringe on the market, such as the common AB dispensing needles, single needle cylinder, EFD dispensing dispensing syringe, syringe dispensing requirements are different for different glue. So how to choose the pin barrel?
1. According to the demand for glue
The requirements for different products are different, some products need large adhesive, and some products need to be small. Therefore, it is necessary to select the glue dispenser according to the requirements of the product, so as to avoid the unqualified glue quantity and influence the glue effect.
Two. According to the viscosity of glue
The dispensing syringe can be used in electronic components, cell phone buttons, LED, semiconductor fabrication, etc., but the glue used in these industries is different, some viscosity is relatively high, but glue dots are very small. The viscosity of some glue is very low, and the point of the glue is very large. Therefore, the glue with different viscosity needs dispensing syringe or needle to debug the appropriate amount of glue. When choosing the dispensing syringe, it is necessary to choose the glue according to the viscosity of the glue.
Three. The chemical properties of the glue used
Some glue solidification effect, such as UV glue, instant glue etc.. The UV and may become the glue, anti chemical reaction produces solidification through two glue contact; and instant glue is a kind of fast solidification glue. For these two kinds of glue, it is best to choose a short time when selecting the pin and the needles, avoiding the clogging of the needles and affecting the work of the glue.
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