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Five parameters of the pin barrel of the glue dispenser

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Now the development of the domestic dispensing syringe industry can be quite perfect, whether in product types, needs, or in the product performance can be very good to meet the needs of production and all kinds of dispensing equipment such as: EFD, stainless steel needle dispensing dispensing syringe and manual dispensing syringe of various types, but whether it is what type of dispensing syringe, dispensing syringe parameters are the same, following by the system to give you a brief introduction about dispensing syringe parameters which have five?
1. Curing temperature curve: the temperature curve is given by the general manufacturer for the curing of glue used in the syringes. In practice, we should use high temperature to solidify, so that the glue will have enough strength after curing. 2, the distance between the dispensing syringe and the working face: different dispensing machines use different dispensing syringes, some of the dispensing syringes have a certain degree of stoppage. The calibration of the distance between the pin and the working face should be done before the start of each work, that is, the height of the Z axis.
3, bubbles: there must be no bubbles in glue. A small bubble will cause many products have no glue; each change should be emptying connection hose air, prevent air hit phenomenon; 4, pressure: dispensing equipment for dispensing needle (glue gun) provide certain pressure to ensure the glue supply pressure, determines the size for the plastic volume and glue outflow velocity. The pressure is too large to cause the glue to overflow and the amount of glue is too much, and the pressure is too small will appear the intermittent phenomenon and leakage of the glue, which leads to the product defect. The pressure should be selected according to the properties of the glue and the temperature of the working environment. High ambient temperature will make glue viscosity smaller and fluidity become better. At this time, we should lower the pressure value and vice versa. 5, the viscosity of glue: the viscosity of glue directly affects the quality of dispensing syringe. When the viscosity is large, the glue point will become smaller and even wire; the viscosity is small, the glue point will become larger, and then the product can be dyed. In the process of dispensing, the proper pressure and speed of glue should be selected for the glue of different viscosity.
The above is the five parameters of the dispensing syringe. In the dispensing operation, the technician must have a certain understanding of the five parameters, so that we can avoid or reduce the problems in the dispensing syringe.
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