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Solution to the curing of the syringe needle

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The dispensing syringe can also be called a storage device. It is the same as the dispensing needle, which is a kind of accessories in dispenser equipment, and it can play the role of glue storage for dispensing. In the process of use, the glue pin can cause the glue in the syringe to solidify for some reason, and then influence the quality of the glue. So what can be solved when the glue pin is cured?
The reasons for the curing of the syringes are: the gas tightness of the dispenser itself is not good. Will accelerate the solidification speed of glue, easy to make the dispensing needle curing phenomenon in the dispensing process, influence the effect of dispensing the use of glue; solidification is strong, if the use of glue is not suitable for the needle tube, easy to glue overflow in the dispensing process, will make the dispensing syringe the curing phenomenon, the impact of product production quality.
The above two ways are easy to solidify the dispensing syringe, so the dispensing syringe, which is generally cured, is hard to be used again. Therefore, when the curing happens, it will choose to replace the syringe. But some special syringes can use a needle tube heater to melt the glue in the barrel, but this method needs a long time to use.
Use method of dispensing syringe in use can appear, for example: reduce the curing phenomenon before dispensing work best to check the tightness of the dispensing equipment, the use of glue quality, can reduce the glue solidified phenomenon, avoid glue unqualified and blocking the dispensing syringe dispensing effect; in the choice of dispensing the needle need to be selected according to the viscosity of the glue and glue used, can avoid the unqualified, the quantity of cement solidified phenomenon.
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