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The role played by the glue pin in the process of dispensing

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The pin barrel can also be called the storage device. It is one of the parts of the dispensing equipment. When the glue needle is selected, the glue can be used. What are the effects of the dispensing syringes in the process of dispensing?
When the glue is done, the glue pin can play the role of storing glue for the glue dispenser. Type of dispensing syringe more, for example, the most common are: AB dispensing needles, single needle cylinder, EFD glue dispensing syringe, different dispensing syringe specifications of different sizes, for dispensing glue volume size gap, so need to choose according to requirements in the choice of dispensing needle at the time.
In the electronic parts, cell phone keyboards, computer components, LED, semiconductor manufacturing and other products, you can use the dispensing syringe, and the glue used for different products is different. Some glue has a higher viscosity and the smaller the point of the glue. On the contrary, if the viscosity of the glue is low, the spot glue will be bigger. In addition to controlling the amount of glue, the dispensing needle can control the amount of glue through the selection of dispensing needles with different inner diameters, so that the amount of glue is not suitable for dispensing, and the quality of dispensing is affected.
The quality of the barrel is better because the syringes are produced in the non silicification environment. But in the use of syringe dispensing opportunity for a number of reasons to cause plugging phenomenon, for example: the use of glue quality is not good. In the process of glue, the impurities in the glue will clog the syringe needle or the glue needle and so on; the sealing property of the dispensing equipment itself is not good. Poor sealing will speed up the coagulability of the glue, and easily cause plugging in the syringes.
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