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What are the syringes used for?

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Dispensing technology has become important in industrial production, with the dispensing technology continues to expand more and more parts quality also improved, dispensing syringe dispensing machine is an important part of the most dispensing needs through the dispensing syringe to special dispensing work to complete high quality and high efficiency, it is self-evident importance of dispensing syringe the dispensing, dispensing needles then what is?
The dispensing needle cylinder is mainly used for a kind of work parts for dispensing glue dispensing needle storage, different specifications of the glue storage are not the same, for dispensing syringe has a variety of different styles of glue on the nature of the market, such as American and Japanese dispensing dispensing syringe needle cylinder, screw needle injection, the the needle type has its own characteristics in order to complete the work of the different needs of dispensing.
American dispensing syringe with a special PP material, excluding special material and silicon chloride, which is composed of a piston and a needle cylinder, most American rubber is translucent, can store a variety of universal glue dispensing, according to the American special glue dispensing syringe has a different color, if the American dispensing syringe light curing adhesive is used to store a black American, if you need to use the UV glue dispensing syringe dispensing use amber.
The structure of Japanese dispensing syringe and American dispensing syringe is almost the same. Piston is made of PE material. In practical application, the effect and strength of gel production will be further improved. The more uniform and efficient way of glue production improves the quality of dispensing.
The needle part of the screw dispensing syringe is connected with the threaded port. The size of the glue can be changed at will by adjusting the thread port, so as to meet the demand for more glue dispensing.
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