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An overview of the parameter gauge of the syringe needle

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Enterprises in the use of drip dispensing work before dispensing, dispensing accessories to make sure that their use is consistent with the dispensing needs, so that we can better and faster to complete dispensing operation, avoid dispensing accessories damage or does not meet the needs of affected parts dispensing dispensing, dispensing work. Then we should also pay attention to whether the type and type of the pin can meet the demand of the glue when we use the syringe needle.
Plastic syringe needle
塑料点胶针筒 Now the dispensing equipment that can be used for dispensing syringe is only pneumatic driven dispensing machine, because the dispensing syringe is a dispensing container that can only be stored in the pneumatic driving device and used for glue storage.
Carbon steel needles
If the types of these syringes are classified, it is necessary to divide the types of rubber, the size and the performance of the glue. For example, the syringes can be classified into single liquid, double liquid and large amount of glue syringes from the function of glue. Single cylinder for single component liquid dispensing glue. Double liquid dispensing tube used in AB glue, but before this, some need to glue hose with mixed fast mixing, and then use the appropriate model of the AB glue gun to spray operation. It has excellent performance, the rubber cylinder itself is strong and durable, the glue quantity can be controlled casually. The large sizing dispensing operation of the large glue dispensing cylinder can reduce the number of times of glue loading due to the possibility of loading more glue, which improves the dispensing efficiency. This kind of pin barrel does not even need to spot glue needles, so it can be done directly by the syringes. Of course, you can also add material holes and other extra accessories in the original syringe feeding process, making it faster and more efficient in the feeding process.
Stainless steel syringe needle
The size of the pin barrel is also a problem to be considered in the process of its use. The size and size of the dispensing syringe shall not be less than 3ml or 300ml, and the commonly used specifications have strict rules and regulations in line production, which are divided into 3ml, 5ml, 10ml, 30ml, 50ml and 70ml. These specifications of the syringes are at present a unified production for the supply of large enterprises.
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