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The future development trend of the glue pin

writer:xiaoliu time:2018-01-20 10:41 clicks:
Dispensing syringe has a relatively long time development in the market, due to the development of science and technology of the development of the domestic dispensing needle slowly began to fall, dispensing syringe with semi automatic dispensing machine, is now slowly is the use of automatic production mode, semi-automatic mode has been gradually eliminated by the society. But the relatively low accuracy industry can use, also can reduce the enterprise cost, to speed up the development of enterprises.
The future development trend of dispensing syringe has gradually ended, this is the inevitable result of technological development, dispensing technology dispensing syringe dispensing accuracy are relatively poor, many industries are unable to meet, so the use of relatively slowly decline, and now the research degree after reached the high level, a lot of glue are needed you can use the automatic mixing, dispensing valve has such function, dispensing syringe is able to use a single glue, although it can use many different types of glue, but still need better dispensing technology, so that it can meet the needs of the industry.
Gradually reduce the future development of dispensing syringe, or can be produced, but the social component has no automatic mode high, choose suitable for dispensing accessories, enterprises still have a relatively large benefits for low precision industry can choose dispensing syringe for production, this is the dispensing syringe development space in the future.
Although the future development of space is relatively small, but in the domestic market, is still relatively large, there is room for survival, there are opportunities for development, as long as the development of space than the automatic mode to be smaller, dispensing syringe technique has been developed to the end, the development of technology is the most important means there is no room for development the future.
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