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An integral part of a manual dispensing pin suit

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In the production of application of dispensing technology is widely used, most of the production work is accomplished through the dispensing equipment, some lower demand users will choose manual dispensing low cost easy to implement, mainly through manual dispensing with special manual dispensing syringe and controller to perform, with convenient carrying less preparation the advantages of the work, part of the manual dispensing needle sets are the following.
At the top of the manual dispensing syringe piston is the controller, there are manual needle cylinder is connected to the controller for dispensing, the middle part with glue quantity scale, convenient operation and personnel according to the actual demand to adjust the glue water, black scale to the reading easier to read, the lower end is the glue needle, can use anti PP needle scratch you can also use an ordinary dispensing head for dispensing, suitable for dispensing in ordinary glue and a certain corrosive glue.
The manual dispensing syringe is made by human design, support a variety of dispensing glue and needle for dispensing and manual dispensing needle cylinder is divided into two kinds, one is by hand to press the piston glue to a precise control of the dispensing is connected with the controller, the former belongs to a kind of glue injector has the characteristics of simple and easy to use, but the cement volume control accuracy is insufficient, cause problems occur frequently in overflow or leakage, and equipped with a manual dispensing syringe dispensing controller can achieve the purpose of high quality glue, can make the pressure and the amount of glue dispensing work, in order to adapt to the work of a more comprehensive.
If users connect the controller for manual dispensing, relevant parameters should be worked out to avoid working errors during dispensing, such as working air pressure and rubber output.
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