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The application of the glue pin in the automatic glue dispen

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Dispensing syringe dispensing machine is an important part of the comprehensive function of dispensing dispensing syringe need to configure high quality and meet the requirement of the actual work, dispensing syringe used in packaging, adhesive, coating, glue and other work, meet the needs of users of the quality and efficiency of dispensing dispensing, dispensing syringe equipped with full automatic dispensing machine has a higher production efficiency and quality.
Automatic dispensing machine is commonly used in industrial production to a dispensing equipment, production work by using automatic dispensing machine will enhance the efficiency and quality of dispensing, dispensing syringe is use to store a variety of different glue, such as anaerobic adhesives, instant glue, adhesive etc. are required by dispensing syringe to special the store, if in the fast curing anaerobic adhesive seal will strong dispensing needle cylinder, and the UV is required in the amber dispensing syringe to normal storage.
The quality of automatic dispensing and dispensing syringe is inseparable, if the work in the dispensing glue supply is not smooth, it is prone to intermittent dispensing, directly affect the bonding quality and appearance, so the industrial dispensing syringe good quality and stable work, set pressure value, the pressure will push the needle the air flow, achieve the purpose of the work is closely related to the quality of dispensing, dispensing needles and the actual application effect, if the external scale dispensing needle cylinder is not accurate, easy to affect the operation of personnel adjustment of the ratio of glue.
If you need to use the automatic dispensing machine for large capacity dispensing, it is best to choose the dispensing syringe with higher specification for dispensing and dispensing, and the sufficient glue can provide the premise for the automatic dispensing machine to work stably, so that it will not cause any bad problems such as glue leakage and lack of glue.
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