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The effect of non contact glue dispenser on the syringe need

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Jet dispensing is a kind of advanced glue, glue can be uniformly coated on the adhesive surface, bonding effect is more comprehensive and efficient, through the jet dispensing dispensing can avoid drawing problems from the root, to enhance the stability and efficiency of the dispensing work, jet dispensing is performed by non contact dispenser, non contact dispensing machine has certain effects on the dispensing needle.
The dispensing needle is a container for storing and dispensing glue, called industrial needle, the market there is a needle cylinder storage component glue has stored two-component glue needle, according to the characteristics of the application of the glue dispensing syringe different, if you need to use the dispensing needle to UV will need to use external amber storage. The more high precision dispensing equipment has a high demand for the needles.
Non contact dispensing machine is directly connected with a pressure barrel supply dispensing, pressure barrels can accommodate a large number of glue dispensing, enhance the efficiency and fluency of dispensing work, glue pressure by controlling the outflow from the pressure barrel, and then through the injection valve to spray glue, glue spraying type more accurate and uniform, glue less and dispensing syringe can be stored, if applied to the jetting dispensing machine in the work easily affect the smooth implementation, so non-contact dispensing machine abandons the configuration of dispensing syringe connected pressure dispensing barrel for a reason.
The non-contact dispensing machine has great influence on the dispensing syringe. The dispensing syringe is an essential part of the contact dispenser. The emergence of the non contact dispenser makes the market sales of the dispensing syringe suffer a certain impact.
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