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What are the advantages of manual dispensing

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Dispensing technology gradually accelerate the pace of development in recent years, the non-contact dispensing high performance occupies a dominant position in the market, will be responsible for the work of the bond and package in most industries, low demand in the dispensing work, usually by manual dispensing to execute the package filling, the use of hand point glue needle is necessary. The operator manual dispensing syringe can complete a series of low demand dispensing work, so what are the advantages of manual dispensing needle?
The manual dispensing syringe to hand operator glue, there are some differences with the ordinary manual dispensing syringe, dispensing syringe is divided into two kinds, one kind of dispensing syringe and syringe that is similar to a needle connected dispensing controller, the former is controlled by manual piston extrusion reached the purpose of glue dispensing this manual, the rubber barrel has advantages of simple operation and convenient use, easy to carry the can for dispensing without excessive preparation, and the parameters set by the dispensing controller to achieve uniform and correct glue, simple operation and convenient use, compared with the former has higher working efficiency and accuracy, to to meet the production needs of different industries.
Quality manual dispensing dispensing syringe is closely linked with the controller with the adjustment, because the dispensing syringe needs a stable gas supply, so as to ensure the normal operation of dispensing controller, manual dispensing needle can connect the pedal controller functions to real-time response and adjustment, the accurate control of the dispensing errors, but also set the dispensing time and pressure control flow to achieve semi automatic high precision glue dispensing, effectively improve the quality of manual dispensing, these are the advantages of manual dispensing needle.
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