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What are the pins of the glue dispenser?

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If we want to use dispensing syringe on dispensing machine, we must use pneumatic driven dispensing equipment. How much is the quantity of this dispensing syringe?
Stainless steel barrel of the dispensing dispensing needle accessories only in the use of pneumatic dispensing machine, but there are many types of dispensing syringe, general dispensing syringe classification, there must be a type of dispensing syringe itself function, use glue or glue size to partition. For example, the three types of spray, AB glue and big glue pin barrel are the needles that are classified in the above three ways.
Carbon steel pin canister - we will be equipped with spray technology in the production of the syringe needle, which is called the spray type pin. This is because the needle cylinder using automatic glue injection technology, so this can speed up the flow of glue dispensing accessories. The glue can be accelerated by the needle cylinder, finally can realize high speed glue dispensing needle into, also can not directly contact dispensing products can realize dispensing work, it is also called the non-contact dispensing. This kind of glue has very fast glue speed, high glue quality and low cost of use.
Plastic syringe needle cylinder Ab glue pin tube, as the name implies, can be stored on the AB glue barrel. This kind of dispensing equipment is usually equipped with a mixed rubber hose that can be mixed with glue and a AB glue gun that can control the amount of glue at will. And this kind of glue needle cylinder itself is to store AB glue, so its use material is also more durable.
A dot glue pin can be used for a large amount of glue. It is also called a big glue. This kind of syringe is much larger than the general dispenser needle volume, so that we can store more glue to reduce the times of dispensing glue dispensing, so as to improve dispensing efficiency of dispensing machine.
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