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There are those principles in the selection and purchase of

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Dispensing syringe contact dispensing machine are equipped with accessories, mainly used in the storage of glue then accurately dispensing, dispensing syringe dispensing process to ensure the sealing effect is very efficient, dispensing syringe of different styles can meet the industry needs more dispensing, dispensing needle selection principle are the following.
According to the practical application of the dispensing syringe needle is very important, can meet the general use of single component glue dispensing, if you need to use two-component glue dispensing cartridges will need to use the storage, because the two-component glue need mix, the cartridges can be quantitatively mixed at two fluid dispensing quality uniform requirements.
The use of glue have a certain relationship with the selection of dispensing syringes, if you need to use the UV glue for dispensing, dispensing syringe can then use external amber normal storage, dispensing needles of amber can reduce the effect of UV on UV, the long-term storage will not. If we need to use anaerobic glue dispensing, we must select the dispensing syringe with a certain air permeability, so that the anaerobic glue can be cured quickly under the condition of too little air, which will affect the normal dispensing effect.
The selection of the dispensing syringe is also related to the quantity of the dispensing. In order to remove the glue after use, we should use a small storage cartridge, if we need a larger amount of glue, we can choose a larger dispensing syringe. The suitable temperature of glue should be selected correspondingly. Taking hot-melt adhesive as an example, the melting point of hot melt adhesive is about 160 degrees. The general plastic plastic canister can't store such high temperature mobile glue, and it can only be stored through special glue tube of hot melt glue dispenser.
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