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The diameter of the pin barrel has those specifications

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There are many different types of dispensing needles, mainly manual dispensing needle cylinder as an example, the description of the dispensing needle, a dispensing syringe inside the specifications can also be broken down, this is in order to meet the requirements of different industries dispensing and manual dispensing machine using the dispensing needle also have the difference, will produce the dispensing needle so much.
First of all know how many kinds of manual dispensing syringe type, inside and outside these can distinguish between various types of dispensing needle size, are based on manual dispensing syringe for dispensing the production environment, can achieve all the manual dispensing dispensing machine requirements, plus manual dispensing machine used for precision dispensing industry the low control precision manual glue dispensing syringe is relatively low.
The seven manual dispensing needle tube as an example, the needle cylinder capacity respectively: 3ml, 5ml, 10ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50ml, 100ml, which represents seven different dispensing needle, according to the different capacity, can divide a dispensing syringe needle size, the maximum 100ml, a rubber industry is the same, you can choose the appropriate dispensing needle according to the different capacity of.
Manual dispensing needle diameter of almost all the big hole diameter of the rubber diameter is 2mm, diameter is 1mm, if it is a type of automatic dispensing syringe, glue hole size, relatively large changes, because the application of automatic dispensing valve industry requirements is relatively high, so for the requirements of natural needle some will be relatively high, manual dispensing syringe production technology is relatively simple, the price will be relatively cheap.
The diameter of the dispensing syringe is too large. It is impossible to write the dispensing needle into the article one by one. If there are any differences between the customers, you can consult with the official website of China Automation System Co., Ltd.
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