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Can the syringe needle be directly glued?

writer:xiaoliu time:2018-01-20 11:43 clicks:
The dispensing needle has two functions, one is direct dispensing, another is stored in glue, add the needle dispensing syringe, coupled with a controller, where dispensing syringe becomes a semi automatic dispensing machine, it can store the glue dispensing needle, also can use dispensing, dispensing the syringe dispensing effect is fine, but the effect of dispensing syringes without dispensing syringe automatic use, lack of accuracy.
If the industry is not high in precision, can choose manual dispensing syringe dispensing equipment as the main, because this cheap dispensing syringe and method of use is relatively simple, so the use of manual dispensing needle production for enterprise still has more advantages, coupled with simple control glue, for the operator easy familiar with, do not need training can work directly with.
The dispensing needle industry there are many kinds, such as Japanese, dispensing syringe; screw dispensing syringe, American dispensing syringe needle, these are commonly used to industrial dispensing syringe, if the industry needs high precision, can not use these simple dispensing needles, need the use of automatic dispensing valve or jet dispensing valve, the two dispensing valve is very high for control, the current high-end industry basically is the use of the dispensing valve.
The manual dispensing syringe has the advantage of their own, the price is cheap, easy to use, the application of industry is not high in precision, can meet the needs of enterprises to complete the dispensing, production is not the most expensive equipment, but choose the most appropriate equipment, so that enterprises can earn more profit, also can accelerate the enterprise the development of.
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