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The difference between the manual dispensing barrel and the

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To understand two different dispensing syringes, there are two kinds of dispensing needles and the materials to be used first, so that they can be distinguished. The manual dispensing syringe is special in that it contains putties and is made of PP material. The other syringes are compared with the manual dispensing syringes with the ordinary glue syringes, so that the difference between the two kinds of dot glue needles can be obtained.
Ordinary dispensing syringe is made of PP material, the piston made use of PE materials is not putting, from here we can know the difference between a manual dispensing syringe and ordinary dispensing syringe is where, in addition to the ordinary dispensing syringe also need to use the controller and pressure to complete the dispensing needs, the use of manual dispensing needle the cylinder, while the ability to complete the task of dispensing, but its effect compared with the ordinary glue dispensing syringe drive controller and pressure difference.
Now that in addition to the use of different ways, as well as the use of glue, manual dispensing syringe can use relatively low concentration of glue glue, ordinary dispensing syringe can use a lot of glue, and dispensing syringe general can use other colors, and screw syringes are generally white, two different dispensing needle is easy to distinguish, the market or the ordinary dispensing syringe used in place of some more.
Although this type of needle are collectively referred to as manual dispensing needles, but there are a lot of difference, at present there are too many dispensing needle, can only put them into categories, and then focus on the classification, so that customers can quickly select suitable to dispensing syringe, if also choose the difficult situation you can directly contact the manufacturer, then the manufacturer will according to the detailed analysis of customer use industry, and then select the appropriate industrial dispensing syringe, the enterprise can buy dispensing syringe that is fast and convenient.
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