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The reason for the leakage of the syringe barrel

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The dispensing needle cylinder leakage is a common problem, like the dispensing valve reason, use a long time, it is easy to appear the phenomenon of corrosion is the glue, the needle cylinder is generally made of plastic, anti-corrosion plastic with stainless steel, is still relatively poor, the use of dispensing syringe need a time is needed for replacement or dispensing effect will be greatly reduced.
The process of using dispensing accessories, need to pay attention to the accessories, or there are some problems, can not be timely, for dispensing will cause serious influence, affect the progress of work, the use of any need dispensing accessories, is a clear understanding of its attention to matters, otherwise it is easy to appear the problem of air leakage.
In addition to being the glue dispensing needle tube corrosion, and leakage reasons, is the use of the piston seal, causing leakage in the needle tube, these are problems worthy of attention, although this problem is relatively small, but do not pay attention to such questions will be asked, the use of dispensing syringe dispensing pay attention to these details, there are many technical details of the start, no good technical details in vain.
All of the above reasons point needle cylinder leak, if installed in accordance with the operating instructions, is generally not a problem occurs, manufacturing dispensing syringe technology has been very mature, dispensing syringe casually produced can meet the requirements of many industries, now the industry basically is the use of automatic dispensing valve. As long as the dispensing accuracy of small industry will use the dispensing syringe for dispensing, dispensing needles are used for semi automatic dispensing machine, so the use of the industry is still relatively small.
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