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How to clean the pressure bucket of the glue dispenser

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Dispensing pressure barrel cleaning need to know is the kind of plastic barrels, many current plastic barrel type, some special glue barrel has better cleaning methods, there is a big difference between ordinary dispensing barrel cleaning method, two kinds of plastic barrels are cleaning better, cleaning method is relatively simple, the most it is important to use what type of cleaning agent, it will not impact on the environment, this is a very important issue.
Dispensing machine pressure cleaning barrel is divided into two parts, one is the common cleaning method, the other is stirring type cleaning, the former is a need to use artificial cleaning, put the lid open pressure bucket, poured directly into the cleaning agent, and then directly use the cleaning brush to clean the inside of the glue.
Agitating cleaning is usually aimed at the rubber barrel with electric agitator, the electric mixing drum is stirred in the barrel, and the glue will splash to the surrounding blends, which will cause some difficulties for cleaning. The use of such plastic barrel is the way the cleaning agent into the plastic bucket, then cover the lid and then glue, stirring movement, so that the glue bucket glue all clean, if there is residual glue, can be cleaned manually, so more convenient.
The cleaning agent used for the pressure tank of dispensing machine is required to exist, which environmental cycle cleaning agent is best used, and it can also be recycled. It is very suitable for the needs of enterprises, and it can also meet the requirements of the state for sewage treatment, and the cleaning capacity is also very good.
The pressure barrel cleaning for the two time with glue is good, can effectively prevent the glue pollution effect, the first use of the glue, after once time, it will cause adverse effects, to ensure its quality is bad, after cleaning, there is no need to these questions.
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