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How to measure pressure bucket out of glue pressure and air

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A pressure bucket can also be called a storage bucket. Before the dispensing, the glue or liquid can be put into the dispensing pressure bucket, and the glue or liquid can be pressed out for dispensing through working pressure. The users who have just touched the pressure barrel do not know how to test the glue pressure bucket, which affects the effect of the glue. So how do we measure pressure barrel pressure?
The dispensing work before, the best first check the seal dispensing equipment, sealing equipment to avoid poor speed glue solidification rate, clogging the dispensing syringe or needle dispensing work, influence and so on; after the sealing effect check dispensing equipment, the first glue injection needle cylinder, try operation dispensing machine, if the glue dispensing machine is normal, that dispensing pressure vessel pressure debugging correct size. On the contrary, if the glue is not smooth or the glue is not uniform, it may be that the pressure of the pressure barrel is not properly adjusted, which will affect the work of the glue.
Besides measuring pressure barrel pressure in this way, we can add pressure cylinder discharge pipe to three connections. When we connect the power meter, we need to go to the dispensing pressure tank to exceed 0.1MPa. If the pressure in the pressure bucket is too low, it can also air the reservoir. What should we do with the pressure bucket?
In order to facilitate air breathing, pressure barreled with inflatable valves can be inflated with a common cylinder as an inflator. In the process of inflating, the dispenser can be opened until the glue is smooth and the gas can be stopped. When using the cylinder to press the pressure bucket of the glue, the pressure can be tested slowly, so as to avoid the pressure speed too fast to affect the work of the pressure bucket.
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