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Requirements for the use of dispensing needles

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At present, the selection and use of pinhead needles have become more and more perfect. Most of the adhesive enterprises will have different selection requirements for the glue needles according to the needs of their own production. So what is the effect of this selection on the application of the needles?
Brush Needle
Before we use the glue dispenser, we need to fix the needles of the glue. Then how do the needles be fixed? The mechanical arm is mounted to the dispensing needle dispensing equipment execution system, the front end of the mechanical arm are equipped with general dispensing dispensing needle, the front of it has a fixed dispensing needle needle tip dispensing needle we usually use to insert the needle dispensing needle head has some special bayonet or incision. Can enhance the stability in dispensing dispensing needle.
Plastic syringe needle
Of course the dispensing needle is fixed on the seat is not selected, when there is no direct provision in the dispensing of vendors, usually to comply with the dispensing needle use requirements, must use the standard minimum needle is 15G size. Our usual dispensing needles have a prescribed standard size range. They usually choose the specifications between 15G and 35G, which is good for batch production of dispensing needle manufacturers. But it can also be customized according to the special needs of the manufacturer.
Stainless steel needle
So what's the advantage of using a minimum standard needle? The answer is that the smaller the needle is, the higher the density of the glue, the more precision the precision of the product is, the higher the precision, of course. However, this dispensing needle can not be used in large-scale dispensing production, because this dispensing needle is easy to cause blockage in the long time dispensing because the pinhole is too small, so the large size dispensing needles have their application.
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