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Common problems in the pressure bucket of the glue dispenser

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In dispensing work, pressure pail can play the role of storing glue. Glue is transported to the point glue valve by pressure and dispensing is a kind of dispensing equipment accessories. No matter it is the scare, there will always be some common problems in the process of use, and the pressure of the glue is the same, so what are the common problems of the pressure bucket? What method can be solved?
1, the pressure barrel is made up of air conditioner, safety valve, outlet and so on. It can store glue or liquid. While the traditional pressure barrel dispensing is by PP liner, iron making, and dispensing pressure barrels can be used for a long time, so the PP liner long soak in the soaking process, may have some impact on the quality of the glue will be affected, easy to plug the dispensing needle or dispensing syringe in dispensing in the process, effect of dispensing work.
2. The sealing effect of the pressure bucket of the dispenser is not good. If the sealing is not good, the solidification speed of the glue will be accelerated, and it will also have some effect on the glue work. So it is best to check the seal of the pressure bucket before using the glue pressure bucket to avoid the phenomenon of clogging.
3, before using the pressure pail, we should first check the quality of the glue used to avoid the impurities in the glue, stop the dispensing needle or the dispensing syringe, and affect the dispensing work. If the glue is used with impurities, the glue can be extracted first, and then the glue can be replaced after cleaning the syringe.
The dispensing pressure barrel can store a variety of glue, such as silicone, red glue, AB glue, glue, and the use range is wide, can be used to pressure barrels in the electronics industry, medical industry, semiconductor manufacturing industry, LED.
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