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What is the function and advantage of the pressure bucket

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Like the dispensing syringe, pressure pail is also a part of the dispensing equipment. The pressure barrel can also be used as a storage device, which can store glue, and glue the glue to the point glue valve in the dispensing process to do the dispensing. So what are the effects and advantages of the pressure bucket?
Pressure barrel function:
The pressure bucket can be divided into the pressure bucket of the water purifier and the pressure bucket of the paint. The water purifier pressure bucket can be seen in life, which is composed of air pressure valve, discharge valve, safety valve and so on. The coating pressure bucket is mainly used in the coating process, which is composed of pneumatic motor, safety valve, outlet and inner barrel. Although the environment and function of the two kinds of pressure barrels are different, the functions of the two kinds of pressure barrels are the same, they all play the role of storage and feeding.
Pressure bucket advantage:
The adhesive pressure bucket can be used in all industries, such as electronic components, mobile phone keys, paint technology and other industries. Due to the use of different products with different amount of glue dispensing, so there are a lot of different pressure bucket volume specifications, and market pressure on the barrel type there are many, such as common are: plastic pressure barrels, barrels, carbon steel stainless steel pressure type pressure barrel, barrel pressure of different dispensing requirements are also different. In addition to the wide range of use and many kinds of pressure barrels, it has a long service life, and it can protect the glue or liquid from the pressure bucket without pollution.
The above is the advantage and function of the pressure bucket. When changing glue, we need to wash the pressure barrel again, avoid changing chemical reaction between glue and residual glue, accelerate solidification speed and so on, and block the dispensing syringe or needle, which will affect the quality of dispensing.
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