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What is the principle of the pressure bucket

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The range of pressure barrels is wide, can be used to the pressure barrel in electronic components, mobile phone keypad, LED, semiconductor manufacturing and other products, and each of the dispensing industry requirements are different, so the dispensing pressure barrel also has many kinds, such as: plastic barrel, stainless steel pressure pressure barrel, steel pressure barrel. Many different use pressure barrels of different types of environment, so it is best to use the glue dispensing according to the requirements and the amount of selection pressure in barrel. So what are the working principles of the pressure bucket?
As with the glue needle, it is a kind of pressure bucket accessories. The glue pressure bucket stores glue and the glue is transported to the point glue valve through pressure and the glue is fast. The sealing effect of the pressure bucket is good, it can effectively isolate the contact between the glue and the air, and ensure the quality of the glue. Although the sealing effect of the dispensing pressure bucket is very good, it is necessary to check the sealing ability of the pressure barrel before making the dispensing work, so as to avoid the phenomenon of curing and affect the dispensing work.
It is necessary to wash the pressure pail once changing the glue species, avoid changing the glue and residual glue, react with the chemical reaction, appear the solidification phenomenon, affect the dispensing work and so on. Some of the glue is of poor quality, so it is easy to cause the blockage of the needle when dispensing. Therefore, we need to check the quality of the glue used for dispensing.
The working principle of the glue pressure bucket is simple. However, when the dispensing equipment is used for dispensing, there may be a phenomenon of uneven gel output, so we can try to inflate the valve with the inflator. When inflating, the dispensing equipment can be opened, and try to press slowly until the glue dispenser is smooth.
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