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What is the way to clean the pressure bucket

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The pressure barrel and dispensing machine is the same as is the need for cleaning, just cleaning dispenser is difficult, pressure tank to choose what way cleaning what is the benefit of the enterprise, choose the way can not cause pollution to the environment, this method is the right way to select and use the best way is to use the three. Methods have a good use.
The three method is the most simple direct cleaning, after using the pressure barrel, cleaning the direct use of water, it can clean the pressure barrel, but for the environment will cause a very big impact, because the glue is a mixture of chemicals, so it will be discharged sewers cause great pollution to the water, the use of such a method can save the cost, but not suitable for the provisions of the state.
In second ways, is similar to the first, is the use of chemical mixture to dissolve the glue, it can put the solidified glue dispensing machine pressure dissolved, such bucket will not have glue, actually this method is a good method, but the cost will be improved, the dissolved solution is needed for the two time separation, will not impact on the environment.
In third ways, is currently the dispenser and the pressure barrel are more appropriate use, green circulation cleaning solution is a new product developed, can be used for the two time, with the above two methods better discharged directly, choose how the method need to calculate the appropriate price, are used to the enterprise caused by too much waste.
At present, the pressure bucket cleaning means using this method, which can save the cost and meet the demand of the industry.
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