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What is the advantage of the pressure bucket cleaning for th

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Now use the pressure barrel all know is used in rubber industry, domestic production is almost choose to use the automatic mode, the dispensing machine can not lag behind other industries, but the dispenser has a shortcoming, cannot survive too much glue, a little glue, no glue, glue will be very affected you need to run the machine, glue machine pressure barrel for storing glue, which is dispensing experimental pressure barrel benefits.
Dispenser is also good for using pressure pail. In addition to storing glue, it can also stir up glue and make it more full, which is good for dispensing. These are the advantages of using pressure pail, so what's the advantage of cleaning pressure pail? In fact, we all know that enterprises can not use a pressure bucket to use glue to do glue dispensing, so we need to clean the glue left in the rubber barrel, which can prevent two kinds of glue mixing and affect the dispensing effect.
The pressure of the dispensing dispensing barrel cleaning benefits very much, is more favorable for the use of glue, otherwise it will not have in this process, the waste of time cleaning barrel pressure dispensing, can prevent corrosion, the glue has certain corrosion resistance, long time exposure to glue, stainless steel barrel pressure will also appear to be the phenomenon of corrosion, especially some type of plastic stuff, such as: sealing ring.
Daily cleaning may be more trouble, in order to have a good environment for dispensing, dispensing has a good promotion effect, dispensing the use of each parts are in order to improve the effect of dispensing, to meet customer demand, the pressure barrel cleaning is also has the effect of cleaning, this process is more important.
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