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Will the pressure bucket with the pressure relief valve not

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The pressure bucket, that is, is made up of a deflating valve, a discharging valve, an air conditioner, a safety valve and a barrel. We all know that when the pressure of the cans, coke bottles and so on reaches a certain value, there will be an expansion, and there may be an explosion. When the pressure is added to a certain amount, the ordinary pressure barrel may also explode, but will the pressure bucket equipped with the pressure relief valve explode?
The reason is because the explosion pressure dispensing barrel barrel pressure range has more than the pressure barrel under the barrel, when too much pressure is needed for pressure relief, and ordinary pressure cans and not equipped with pressure relief valve, so the common pressure barrel pressure relief is difficult, easy to make the pressure barrel explosion phenomenon, if there is work around, will be hurt, will cause some impact on production.
A dispensing relief pressure barrel pressure valve can quickly relieve pressure of work, so with the pressure relief valve barrel will not explode, but the pressure will work best in dispensing equipment open, if the glue is smooth, it just can stop the drum pressure, working pressure. When pressurizing, the best choice is to try to inflate and pressurize slowly. If the pressure speed is too fast, the pressure in the pressure bucket is too large, which affects the effect of the glue dispenser.
In order to reduce the explosion phenomenon of pressure barrel, in addition to the requirement of dispensing and the amount of glue used, we need to check whether there is pressure relief valve on the pressure drum and facilitate dispensing. Pressure barrels need to be cleaned regularly. After washing, you can use the oily cotton cloth to scrub the appearance of the pressure barrel to avoid the appearance of spalling on the surface of the pressure barrel, and also to facilitate the use of the drain valve.
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