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Test method for the pressure bucket of the glue dispenser

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There are a lot of accessories in the dispensing equipment, and the pressure bucket is one of them. The pressure bucket can also be called the storage. In the work, the pressure barrel can play the role of storing glue. The storage device can glue the glue to the point glue valve through the pressure to do the dispensing. But before the use of the need to check the sealing of the pressure bucket of the dispenser and the pressure of the glue, then what are the tests for the pressure bucket?
Check the sealing method of pressure bucket: before placing glue, glue can be placed in the pressure bucket for a period of time. If the glue in the pressure tank doesn't change, it indicates that the pressure bucket has good sealing performance. On the contrary, if the glue in the glue is solidified, the sealing of the pressure bucket is not good, so it is better to replace it in time.
Check out the way of glue pressure: open the dispensing equipment, if the gel is uneven or no glue, it can be inflated and pressed by the inflator to the valve, and the dispensing equipment needs to be opened in the process of pressure, so as to see the result conveniently. When a certain degree is added to the dispenser's equipment, the glue is normal, and the pressure can be stopped. In the process of inflating, it is best to test the pressure slowly, so as to avoid the rapid impact of the pressure on the glue.
Method of sealing and pressure of the above is to check the pressure barrel, except the inspection method, every time after the dispensing pressure barrel or need to change with the glue, to dispensing the pressure barrel clean again, cleaning can be used for alcohol, days that water detergent again, then rinse with residual detergent finally the use of water, stained with oily cotton will dispensing pressure bucket outside clean, avoid the appearance of pressure barrel spalling.
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