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The difference between the glue pressure barrel and the wate

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The pressure bucket can also be called a storage device. According to its usage, it can be divided into: water purifying pressure barrel and glue pressure bucket. From the name, it can be seen that the liquid applied by these two pressure pails is the same. So what's the difference between the two pressure pails in addition to using liquid?
1, making different materials
The water purifying pressure barrel is made up of pneumatic motor, inner liner, safety valve and drain valve. The general water purifying pressure bucket is made up of plastic and carbon steel pressure bucket. While the glue pressure barrel is composed of a pneumatic motor, a valve, safety valve, air conditioner etc., the glue pressure barrel type more common are: stainless steel mixing pressure barrel, ordinary carbon steel pressure barrel, glue pressure barrel, barrel pressure different for different dispensing equipment, so it is necessary to choose according to the use of glue dispensing, dispensing equipment, body glue usage etc. in the choice of dispensing pressure barrel.
2. The principle of work is different
Glue pressure barrel can be stored in the glue, a dispensing device, in the dispensing process through the pressure will be transported to the dispensing work glue glue valve; and the water pressure barrel is installed in the drinking water equipment, water storage can play a role in the course of water, through the liner the water transport system of water pressure to work.
The two pressure bucket has one thing in common: all the pressure relief valves are fitted. When the pressure in the pressure drum is insufficient, the inflator can be used to control the inflation pressure of the valve, but in the pressure operation, it is better to pneumatic the dispensing equipment or the drinking water equipment to avoid overpressure. If the pressure relief valve can be opened, the pressure bucket is relieved to avoid the explosion in the barrel.
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