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Several performance advantages of electric glue valve

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The classification of glue valves in the international glue market, most of which are divided according to its driving mode. So it can be divided into pneumatic drive and electric drive. These two kinds of glue valves are used in all countries in the world, which are mainly used for the dispensing of glue products.
Electric return valve
If we compare roughly the number of two kinds of dispensing valves in our country, you will find that the use of pneumatic point glue valves is quite large, which is mainly due to the size of our dispensing companies, mainly in small and medium-sized enterprises. In order to consider the cost of the glue, most of the gas moving point glue valves are used. So what are the advantages of it?
Electric dispensing valve
There are many kinds of electric valves, such as double component fluid dispensing valves, LED dispensing valves, etc. They are all the use of electric power to drive the valve, then the advantages of the electric glue valves are all that? The answer lies in this kind of electric drive fast and precision dispensing valve, the dispensing valve when in use, the control of it often dispensing glue storage, which can effectively improve the dispensing precision, but driving this way, due to mainly rely on air to control it is relatively simple. So it has been dispensing precision is relatively low. With the further popularization of power driven, precision dot glue that was previously unfinished has now become easy to complete. And it is also a kind of environment-friendly and pollution-free energy, can complete the high-speed transportation of glue.
Automatic dispensing valve
The electric dispensing valve has been transported by electric power, so the motor used by it only needs rotor and stator to realize the operation of dispensing valve. It also has very good sealing and replaceability, and the dispensing ability is greatly improved.
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