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Solution of pressure bucket without pressure

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When using pressure pail for dispensing, there may be some leakage causes for dispensers due to some reasons. There is no pressure on the pressure pail, which affects the feeding effect, and will also cause some effects on dispensing. So what are the reasons for pressure bucket pressure relief? What can be done when the pressure bucket is not under pressure?
The causes of pressure bucket pressure relief are: the pressure bucket is not well sealed. If the dispensing pressure bucket is not well sealed, it will not only accelerate the speed of glue solidification, block the dispenser needle or syringe, but also make the pressure drop of the dispensing pressure barrel appear easily, which will also cause some effects on the dispensing work, and the valve is damaged. If the valve is damaged, pressure relief is easy to happen, which will cause some influence on the dispensing work. So when we use it, we can see the sealing effect of the pressure bucket and ensure the quality of dispensing.
Solution: no pressure barrel pressure tightness in the use of pressure barrel for dispensing is best to check the pressure barrel, avoid glue solidification, there is pressure relief phenomenon; leakage pressure phenomenon can be used when a bicycle pump alignment valve pneumatic compression, pressure in the process need to be opened when dispensing, dispensing equipment dispensing smoothly when you can stop a pressurized dispensing work, try best to avoid excessive pressure, pressure effect of dispensing function.
The above is the pressure bucket pressure relief causes and pressure bucket pressure relief solution, after understanding can avoid the phenomenon of pressure relief. Because the pressure barrel has the pressure relief valve, the pressure relief valve can be used when the pressure bucket is too large to release the excess pressure. After use, you can use the detergent to wash the pressure barrel. After cleaning, you can use the cotton cloth coated with oil to show the pressure bucket once again, avoiding the phenomenon of spalling.
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