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The structure of pneumatic pressure bucket

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The pneumatic pressure tank is an important device to provide the glue application dispensing machine, glue can be stored for long time under the pressure of the barrel, according to the demand can be sustained uniformly supplied glue dispensing flow, the internal structure of the pneumatic pressure barrel is very precise, the following general introduction about the pneumatic pressure tank structure.
Tectonic pressure barrel is relatively simple, in addition to the material choice of different structure is similar to that of the barrel body is equipped with fluid sensor, glue can flow control effect through glue sensor, gas sealing cover through the fixing device around the fixed type pressure tank outside, that doesn't glue during storage of bubbles because air enters, dispensing quality has been enhanced.
The pneumatic pressure barrel is composed of a plurality of parts, wherein the pressure regulating valve is an important component of the pressure barrel, by adjusting the pressure regulating valve can control the gas pressure in the barrel, glue to control the effect of flow rate, the safety valve is mainly used to control the pressure to ensure the stability of dispensing work. The top is the pneumatic stirring device, which is used to display the pressure value of the glue in the pressure bucket, so that the operator changes the supply pressure according to the actual demand.
The dispensing work type pneumatic pressure barrel can be used in high demand, fast flowing through the high pressure control for adhesive glue reaches stable, versatility is very strong, can be used for dispensing in different environments, support low viscosity glue dispensing also supports high viscosity glue dispensing, interior space can be stored to broad quantitative glue a steady supply of dispensing, related accessories installation more convenient, support a variety of properties of fluid dispensing, can help users long time stable and efficient supply of dispensing.
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