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What is the pressure barrel for the glue

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With the further expansion of the application of dispensing, dispensing the various functions of the active in various production work, including application of dispensing pressure barrel is essential, through the dispensing pressure barrel can enhance the dispenser use effect and work efficiency, is a powerful and efficient accessories, so what is the dispensing pressure bucket? What is it for?
The pressure barrel is equipped with glue dispensing machine support accessories, the quality of dispensing can stably perform efficient dispensing and pressure barrel is inseparable, dispensing pressure barrel to complete the storage of glue dispensing machine, starting pressure barrel will also drive glue flow to the dispensing valve for dispensing, dispensing the more smooth and stable, the internal pressure of dispensing barrel equipped with stirring device, make the glue more uniform without separation, strengthen the application and effect of dispensing technology.
The actual application of the pneumatic pressure barrel is widely used in the dispensing work, can high demand, enhance the stability and quality of dispensing, pneumatic pressure barrel storage transport high viscosity glue can store low viscosity glue transport high viscosity glue to flow through the bottom of the supply, and the low viscosity glue directly through the top of the flow you can supply, has the characteristics of simple installation and convenient use.
There are many types of pressure barrel, the user can choose according to the actual work needs, such as flat cover type pressure tank, pressure tank, flange clamp pressure barrel, embedded pressure drum, the general should be flat cover type pressure barrel and flange type pressure barrel body material adopts 304 stainless steel. It has a longer service life and the work effect, make an important contribution to the application of dispensing technology.
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