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How to use the pressure bucket correctly

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Dispensing technology plays an important role in the manufacturing work, bond and package and other work needed to meet user needs through the use of high technology to production of glue dispensing machine, high demand in the production line will be equipped with a high performance, which is applied to the pressure barrel glue transmission, large capacity storage barrel pressure large quantities of glue to more smoothly finish high demand dispensing, which cannot do without operator adjustment, how to correctly use the pressure barrel?
Install and work effect is closely related to the pressure barrel, install the correct way to learn is very important, in the selection of the user should choose the pressure barrel coincide with the actual demand, internal pressure barrel installation stirring device, can refer to instructions gradually installation, avoid modification of pressure barrel may affect the normal use of the effect, and then the pressure on the bucket cover parts are installed, such as safety valve, muffler, pressure regulating valve, ball valve, sealing ring, tooth joint, joint fluid supply gas supply etc..
In use for dispensing dispensing controller, one end of the pressure barrel is connected with the gas. The end is connected with the inlet of the dispensing valve, intake valve on the dispensing tube is connected with the dispensing controller, parameters can be set by pressure driven flow dispensing glue dispensing controller, some dispensing valve support double cylinder supply, if necessary, users only need to be normally open and closed respectively can be connected in the dispensing controller.
The maintenance of normal pressure barrel determines the effect of the use of glue, glue due to long-term storage in the pressure barrel, after dispensing work after a period of time may be accompanied by the glue adhesive on the barrel surface, only regular cleaning pressure barrel can make the pressure barrel has a longer service life.
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