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Which glue dispenser can be connected by the pressure bucket

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The pressure barrel is stored and transported a glue container, pressure barrels can be connected through the dispensing controller to achieve high efficiency and uniform glue effect, is the important parts to strengthen the efficiency of dispensing equipment, there are many types of pressure tanks, pressure barrels of different function and effect, the pressure barrel is connected with the dispenser dispensing will enhance the quality and the dispensing efficiency, then support the connection which dispensing machine?
The pressure barrel support connection in dispensing controller, dispensing controller set pressure value and dispensing time, then feed pressure to the valve rubber barrel is connected with the mouth, through the supply pressure dispensing controller causes the pressure in the barrel can flow glue dispensing, especially the effect of the configuration work in the digital dispensing controller is more prominent, the work cycle system unique can help the operator to reduce the burden on the operation, help to reduce the error and enhance the utilization ratio of material dispensing, dispensing time adjustment dial using the amount of gum is more uniform fine, plays an important role in the production of electronic components and other small products.
In high demand in the production line, the application of high viscosity glue is very wide, silicone dispensing machine will be equipped with large pressure barrels as glue supply device, silicone glue machine can be equipped with two Dalitong bidirectional conversion, make the glue supply more stable and efficient, the pressure barrel structure adopts fast buckle design, will glue into the pressure barrel, cover the nut tighten the normal operation of the sealing cover, not only easy to use and powerful easy to use.
Work with glue machine cannot do without the help of pressure barrel, double barrel interaction design so that it is not in the storage process of fast curing effect of dispensing quality, increase the vacuum deaeration function according to the use of glue.
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