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What kind of pressure barrel is more durable

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The rubber is a desktop dispenser for storing glue dispensing ordinary tools, small rubber tube assembly can be omitted with dispensing valve and pressure barrel storage costs, but the small rubber tube is low, and do not have the efficient processing of dispensing valve, causing the scope of application of the small rubber tube around the lower, and the importance of the pressure barrel and dispensing valve is becoming increasingly apparent, most users are not clear what kind of material pressure barrel durable, below which material we explain the pressure barrel.
The pressure barrel material distinguish between carbon steel and stainless steel, carbon steel pressure barrel production cost is lower than the stainless steel pressure barrel, the carbon steel pressure barrel for external use dusting treatment, if need to add storage dispensing glue packaging needs, this is a limitation of steel pressure barrel, high strength carbon steel, its working life is less than the effect of high pressure stainless steel barrel, can store a variety of properties of glue dispensing.
In the practical work and the effect is more practical and durable stainless steel pressure barrel, stainless steel pressure barrel has the advantages of simple structure hierarchy, especially the pressure barrel made of 304 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel or 18/8 stainless steel, is a common type of material, have excellent properties such as corrosion and erosion, can be stored for a long time with Corrosion Erosion of glue and rust, is one kind of universal very strong glue storage device and stainless steel pressure barrel support equipped with a variety of dispensing equipment for dispensing, either manually or automatically connect the controller to connect small glue dispensing machine can meet the high demand for dispensing.
In order to make the dispensing work more stable and efficient, the selection of more durable stainless steel pressure pails can effectively meet more production tasks.
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