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How is the glue supply broken and intermittent?

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Quality and dispensing equipment dispensing link is inseparable, practical dispensing machine has the characteristics of high performance, high quality, stable dispensing, higher yield, stability in fact dispensing work is also related to the related accessories, ensure the glue coherence is a prerequisite for efficient delivery in dispensing, dispensing process of glue supply should be broken how to solve?
First check device for storing glue is abnormal, desktop dispensing some generic type rubber cylinder using ordinary storage dispensing, dispensing equipment with high performance are usually equipped with pressure tank as storage container conveying glue and glue dispensing needle size, may affect the transmission effect of the glue dispensing needle, if used too small, in the dispensing glue outflow is too slow may have a part in the curing of the glue dispensing needle, directly affect the transmission effect caused by the replacement of glue and dispensing needle size can solve the problem of intermittent supply of glue.
The dispensing pressure barrel broken also might be important factors influencing the glue supply fluency, pressure in the barrel through the top pressure control is the glue glue flow reach the transport effect, if the sensitivity level sensor internal problems, regardless of the operating personnel to adjust the pressure, can adjust the glue flow, the best replacement of the internal liquid level sensor adjust the sensitivity of pressure barrel work requirements.
The intermittent and continuous glue may also be caused by the instability of the air pressure. The pneumatic pressure barrel has higher requirement for the stability of the gas source. If the gas source device fails to work properly, it will easily affect the continuity of the transportation of the glue.
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