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What does the pressure bucket do?

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The pressure barrel of the gluing effect and quality have been fully upgraded, pressure barrels can be used to store a variety of different properties of the glue dispensing, dynamic mixing glue to strengthen the bonding strength and the bonding effect, dispensing through pressure regulating valve control pressure driven flow to reach the surface of glue dispensing dispensing purposes, can maintain a long time high quality glue, the majority of users to understand the pressure barrel is very little, in the process of using bad not bad, how to solve the pressure barrel.
The pressure barrel is broken into a variety of circumstances, the general problem of air pressure barrel feedback more, if the glue intensity of pneumatic pressure barrel variation, carefully check what is the reason, if the application of high viscosity glue dispensing from the bottom flow of glue, if using low viscosity glue will flow through the top glue. Plastic barrel leak to influence the dispensing quality greatly, if not timely treatment can easily lead to glue bubbles decreased the adhesive strength, in addition to the surface to check the pneumatic pressure barrels are broken, the lid tightening glue a good seal, if there should be regular cleaning glue remnants of the barrel body part.
Sometimes the user in the operation of the pneumatic pressure barrel, if the glue supply is not complete because of insufficient efforts may adjust the air pressure, increasing the supply pressure to glue more effective uniform glue, glue transmission will inevitably some glue in the rubber hose, if long time no timely treatment to the fast curing cause blockage, carefully check the hose in the existence of curing glue caused by blockage.
The pneumatic pressure barrel made of stainless steel has better working effect. The stainless steel material has longer service life and has the advantages of corrosion resistance and impact resistance.
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